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What’s your…density?



We all know that density is one of the physical properties of a substance. Why is it so important to know the exact density of each substance?

Density has the ability to influence and then alter the other physical properties of the substance itself in such a way as to make it usable for either purpose or even unusable.

That’s why we at Ortelli Technologies focused on measuring the density of polymers, especially a petroleum-derived thermoplastic polymer, HDPE or high-density polyethylene, which finds many uses in the modern world: bottle caps, detergent bottles , hydraulic piping, telecommunication cables and so on.

Did you know that each substance is subjected to quality controls? Plastic, whose primary product (in the form of granules, disks or spaghetti) is currently being analyzed using one of the methods in the ISO 1183, Gradient Column Method. This is an outdated method, it is not accurate, is subject to human error, inexpensive in terms of management costs and is famous for its high measurement times (let’s talk about hours).

We have automated another of the methods described in this ISO standard, the immersion method, which uses the physical principle of hydrostatic push.

If you want to put it on the measurement time plan, this is the datum … 1 sample in 150s and our autosampler can hold 16 samples!

The reproducibility is around 0.01%.

If you are curious you, just let visit our site !

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