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Industry 4.0: digitize the density!

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Like in other world countries (France, Germany, England, Holland..), Italy has also set up a national plan called Industria 4.0 (Industrie du Futur, Industrie 4.0, Catapult-High Value Manufacturing, Smart Industry..)

The goal of this national industrial plan is to advance the nation’s technology by introducing a clever and innovative production model so that we can digitize all production processes and extrapolate in real time all the data needed for a more targeted and wasteful production .

This evolutionary plan must be at the expense of all SMEs, so the government has put in place a number of tax incentives to encourage innovative investment.

Our instrument perfectly fits with the features described above through an integral control of the MVS2pro system via LAN and thanks to software installed on the PC that is directly connected to the corporate network.

Quality controls integrated in the automatic sequence of samples.

The software console allows you to control the system and keep all historical data and all the measurements made to get it stored in the archive.

So what do you expect to digitize your production?

By purchasing our Automatic Density Tester, you can benefit from a number of tax incentives such as 250% hyper amortization!

Visit our site and ask for the necessary information!

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