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MVS2pro is a robotized system for the determination of the Density or the Standard Absolute Volumic Mass (MVS) of polymers by the principle of the Hydrostatic Push opportunely corrected in order to obtain the result expressed in the MV (S) unit.

MVS2pro determines the Volumic Mass in a completely automated cycle that replaces the old system used for this measure (Gradient Columns), that was characterized by typical human errors.

MVS2pro System is perfectly integrated in the quality Standard Process ISO9000. It is already supported by all the control procedures for the carried out measures using two different kinds of Standard:

  • 1 certified Density Standard
  • 1 standard Temperature (certificated thermometer)

All integrated in a statistical plan of controls to check the validity of the analytical determinations of the samples.

MVS2pro has an Autosampler with a maximum of 16 samples and/or Standard of Density or Volume.

The system makes the measure of a sample in less than 120 sec.

MVS2pro constantly controls the Temperature to which it comes carried out the measure to have the certainty that will be respected the range of working set in the method.

This Pt100 probe can be calibrated using the procedure from the management software with a primary Standard.

MVS2pro was born for the determination of MVS on High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) but it is obviously usable for the same kind of determination with other kind of materials can be analyzed with the method of the hydrostatic push.

Integral control of the MVS2pro system takes place via LAN from a software console (included in the price) that is installed on a PC in the corporate network (or, if necessary, with a direct connection to the PC). The software console allows you to control the system and keeps DB archive of all historical data and all the measurements made to obtain it. It is possible to recalculate archived data with other types of applications like Excel, Access and transfer them directly to LIMS.

MVS2pro includes also a dual door and a dual controlled Atmosphere Purification System (not included in basic configuration). The APS System helps to purify the atmosphere from volatile molecules for greater environmental security and to stabilize the air inside of the measurement chamber. This system with the double dual door allows speeding up the measure and increasing the reproducibility.

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  • Mettler Analytical Balance MS Series (0,01 mg)
  • Criothermostat with an external Circulating pump
  • Liquid measurement for measurement of MVS greater than 0,8kg/dm3
  • Certified Density Standard
  • PC with pre-installed Density Manager Software ®
  • Atmosphere Purification System

Technical Data

Code: MVS4. 0000
Model: MVS2pro
Revision: 1.56.00
Reproducibility: < 0,01%
Range of Temperature: from 10°C to 50°C (usually 23°C)
Medium Time of Analysis: 120 s/sample
Sample : dim. Approx. 4 cm.
Autosampler: 16 positions
The System MVS2pro is compliant to the ISO1183 and ISO2781 standards

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