REVOLUTION in density measurement of thermoplastic polymers:


At Ortelli Technologies we have designed and built a new instrument which, through an analytic, automatic, reliable and certain process, measures the density of thermo-plastic polymers in just 2 minutes.



Why being a forefront company is (not always) positive..

Human beings always seem to resist any kind of changes, even those that bring a better reality.

However, it is also in human nature to desire to change: to grow, move, innovate, improve; yet again-almost a paradox- man fears changes.

What does this have to do with the density of polymers?

Presenting a new measurement’s system that estimates the density of thermoplastic polymers, even though it is better than other traditional methods, means to change a system that everyone knows.

These kinds of changes push us towards the unexpected: overturn something can be stressful and risky.

In a testing laboratory, using an Ortelli Density Cube instead of the gradient column leads, for example, to different results that deranges, in fact, the current measurement standards.

Why reform polymer density measurements?

That is because the response times and precision offered by gradient columns are no longer compatible with the production cycles of HDPE and similar polymers.

That is because a system based on hydrostatic pressure – such as the Ortelli Density Cube – detects the density of polymers in a few minutes.

That is because the Ortelli Density Cube, unlike the gradient column, follows ISO procedures, from the preparation (we advise you to stick to the ISO293) to the sample measurement.

Our system is compliant to ISO1183 part 1 method A.

A new measurement standard. Worldwide.

Creating a new world standard for measuring polymer density will make the future easier and more sustainable.

Here is the direction we took, the goal we want to reach.

This pushes us to challenge the state of things by fighting against the approximation and uncertainty of traditional systems.

Ortelli Technologies is a company that has been developing measuring instruments since 1989: we are Italians, people with an innate sense of innovation, intuition and passion.

On our side we have both the technical skills to strongly support the weight of our ideas, and the determination to go against the grain.